Multi-SDI Monitor

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  • Accepts Two 3G/HD/SD-SDI Sources And Provides Picture, Waveform, Vector, CINELITE II, 5-Bar and Status Displays Individually and In Various Screen Combinations.
  • Supports Dual Link & 3G Level A & B Operation.
  • Built-In XGA Display (1024 x 768) For Superb, Crisp Waveforms And Picture Representations.
  • Autonomous Monitoring & Error Detection; Alarm For Audio Silence/Video Freeze & Video Black. .
  • ANC Data Analysis, Settable Error Levels With Monitoring, Alarms And Error Logs With Time Code.
  • Platform Can Monitor And Display Two Sources At The  Same Time In Two or Four Split Screen Displays
  • Audio Option (OP41 or OP43) Supports Loudness, Lip-sync And A/V Delay Measurements In Addition To Providing Lissajous And Bar Graph Displays.
  • Accepts And Displays On Picture And Data For Closed  Caption (Supports both EIA-608-B & EIA-708 systems).
  • Dolby metadata and Dolby E guard band (OP43D or OP41D)
  • Active format Description (AFD)
  • 3D assist
  • Gamma LUT
  • USB Connector Allows The Use Of A flash drive For   Storing Captured Screens, Presets And Software /  Firmware Updates.
  • New "Frame Capture" capabilities. Now, you can analyze errors detected through this function, such as SDI (TRS, Line Number, CRC, EDH, etc), ancillary data (Parity and Checksum), embedded audio (BCH, DBN, Parity and Inhibit Line errors), or video errors (Gamut, Composite gamut, Level errors).
  • DVI-D Rasterized Output Mirrors Built-In Screen.
  • HDMI Program Output Of The Selected Source Is Provided.
  • Supports Options Including Physical Layer Testing with  Eye Pattern, Digital & Analog Audio and Composite Inputs.
  • Ethernet Connectivity Allows For Remote Control Over  The Web; Supports TELNET, FTP, HTTP & SNMP.
  • Universal AC Power Supply Allows For World-Wide Use.


  • Eye Pattern & Jitter Measurements Option (OP09): Provides eye pattern & jitter measurements for 3G, HD/SD-SDI feeds. SMPTE Recommended Filters and Auto-measurement are provided.
  • Digital Audio Options (OP41 or OP43): Provides 16 channels of AES/EBU inputs/outputs. Include Loudness Monitoring and Lip Sync Measurements. Permits analysis and output of embedded audio.
  • Digital Audio with Dolby Options (OP41D or OP43D): Adds Dolby capabilities to OP41 or OP43 respectively.
  • Analog Audio Option (OP42): Provides 8 channels of analog audio (In or Out). The selected digital audio can be converted and output as analog audio.
  • Tri-level Sync Composite Option (OP03A): Provides two Composite inputs and Switched Monitor Output. It also displays tri-level sync waveform signal.


lv5770 table A long awaited, reasonably priced solution for 3G/HD/SD-SDI test and monitoring applications, our new LV5770 Multi-Monitor simultaneously monitors two 3G/HD/SD-SDI sources and displays picture, waveform, vector, 5-Bar, Cinelite and status individually or in various screen combinations. Optional digital and analog audio I/O provides for built-in de-embed and digital to analog audio conversion. Eye pattern monitoring and composite input options round out this very affordable test solution.


Option 43 vs Option 41
Loudness Log Data function yes yes
True Peak Meters yes yes
Loudness Log Chart yes yes
True Peak Meters and Loudness Log Chart simultaneous display yes no
Two Audio Loudness simultaneous display (Bilingual Loudness) yes no
Display Channel simultaneously 16ch FUTURE 8ch
LV7770-01 Remote Controller for LV5770/LV7770
LC2125A Blank Panel for Rack Mount
LR2404A Cabinet without handle
LR2427B-U Cabinet with handle
LR2700A-U Rack Mount Adapter
LR2701 Rack Mount Storage Box