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See Leader on stand 11.A38 at IBC2014, RAI Amsterdam, September 12-16, 2014

Fullerton, California, USA, August 14, 2014: Leader lnstruments will introduce the latest enhancements to its LV5490 SD/HD/4K picture and signal monitor at IBC2014 in Amsterdam, September 12-16. These include two-sample interleave, focus assist, frequency deviation auto-correction, phase difference detection, CIE 1931 chart with 4K color space and user-adjustable measurement display sizes.

“The LV5490 is a high-precision broadcast test instrument with an unprecedented number of features,” comments Richard Heath, Leader’s European Regional Development Manager. “It can be used in a very wide range of roles including precise matching of up to four studio or outside broadcast cameras at a time. It also doubles as a picture monitor for production crews working on location. The LV5490’s multistandard versatility makes this instrument ideal for use in standard-definition, high-definition and 4K ultra-high-definition standards, all in one compact housing with a 223 wide x 360 millimetre deep footprint and a height of 189 mm.”

Up to four channels of 3G-SDI input signals can be displayed simultaneously. Eight input channels are provided. Four of these are on dedicated connection ports with cable length measurement capability. The other four channels are configurable as inputs or outputs with pattern generation functions. The built-in 9-inch LCD monitor is full 1920 x 1080 HD with a wide viewing angle and high quality color reproduction. The LV5490 also has a DVI and HD-SDI rasterizing monitor output.

Leader will demonstrate at IBC the enhanced LV5490’s ability to deliver a 4K image in either square-division or two-sample-interleave format. In square-division signal mode, the entire image is split into four quadrants and each quadrant is transmitted in turn as a sub-image. In the case of two-sample-interleave, two consecutive pixels are transmitted at a time. The first pair goes to sub-image 1 and the second pair to sub-image 2. The first pair of the next line then goes to sub-image 3, the first pair of the next line going to sub-image 4, and so on). Each sub-image is transmitted separately to the monitor. This type of two-sample interleave is the approved standard for 4K.

LV5490 Front with CIE chart

Shooting in HD, and particularly in 4K, requires very careful focus to ensure detail is captured with the greatest possible precision. The new Focus Assist feature is a patent-pending Leader innovation which enables the LV5490 to be used for checking low-contrast content and small image detail.

Frequency deviation, now standard on the LV5490, allows detection, display and automatic correction of any frequency difference that may exist between each of the input signals. This is a major advance on products from other suppliers which cannot display a 4K image if a frequency difference is detected between the input signals.

With its new phase difference detection capability, the LV5490 can measure and display any phase discrepancy between Input A or an external reference signal and the other input signals. Any phase difference detected is a probably caused by a shift in the line number of the image.

Also new to the LV5490 is a CIE 1931 color space chart generator. 4K signals conforming to ITU Recommendation BT.2020 have a larger color space than HD signals. The LV5490 can show 4K signals in the standard’s full color space.

The enhanced LV5940 gives operators the freedom to adjust the size of each of the displays on the screen to suit specific tasks. This allows easy magnification and inspection of detail instead of being limited to fixed size quadrants.

Test and measurement capabilities of the LV5490 include waveform, vector and picture monitoring, SDI signal data analysis, cyclic-redundancy-check error, embedded-audio error, event log, data dump and timing display. Waveform, vector and picture display can be viewed simultaneously on the front-panel monitor screen. Simultaneous display and overlay display of multiple SDI inputs are possible. Size and location of individual channel displays can be adjusted using a USB-connected pointing device.

Optional digital audio monitoring and analysis tools include 4 x 4 channels of SDI audio de-embedding, lissajous display, surround sound display, volumetric display and Dolby decode. De-embedded SDI audio can be output as 8 discrete AES3 feeds.

Exhibiting on stand 11.A38, Leader will be represented at IBC2014 by Masahiro (Hiro) Sawa (President, Leader America), Richard Heath, Koichi Fukugawa and Christian Young.


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