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See Leader on booth A06 at SET Expo 2014, Expo Center Norte, August 25-27

Fullerton, California, USA, July 15, 2014: Leader Instruments will display and demonstrate the latest additions to the PHABRIX range of test and measurement products on stand A06 at SET Expo in Brazil, August 25-27. Equipment on show will include the recently announced Sx TAG ultra-compact test instrument together with the SxE Eye & Jitter waveform monitor and Rx2000/1000/500 series rasterizers. Representatives will include Armando Ishimaru (Brazil Country Manager, Leader Instruments) and George Gonos (President, PHABRIX Inc).


New at SET will be the latest addition to the PHABRIX hand-held Sx range: the TAG is a hand-held video/audio analyzer/monitor with support for PAL M and N formats alongside SD, HD and 3G-SDI standards, matching the technical requirements of Brazilian broadcasters. The TAG provides a range of interfaces including analogue, SDI and optical. The low entry price allows TAG users to purchase the standard instrument then add supplementary features in the field as required. The TAG can be upgraded to include a fully functional generator across all standards via a simple password entry after purchase. An SFP cage is integrated into the design, principally for optical infrastructure testing. The cage will support a wider range of SFPs as they become available.

Master Phabrix TAG (500 x 200)

“We have designed the TAG specifically for the market SET Expo addresses,” comments George Gonos. “If there was ever a single product you should purchase for video and audio testing across the range of formats currently in use in the region, this is it. SET is the perfect exhibition to demonstrate the advanced capabilities of the TAG to a customer base that requires one tool for content producers and broadcasters as they continue to move from analogue to digital workflows. The price alone makes it a product to come and see.”

The PHABRIX TAG includes support for SD-SDI and HD-SDI as standard with the option to upgrade to 3G-SDI (Level A and Level B). Composite analysis and generation have been incorporated to support regions that are making the transition between analog and digital television. The generator and analyzer can be operated simultaneously at different standards. A D15 breakout connector provides both balanced analog and AES input/output. AES waveform display allows visual check of levels and reference lock. Advanced audio features including Dolby E, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus are supported, allowing the TAG to be considered as a replacement for the discontinued Dolby DM100.


The PHABRIX SxE is a comprehensive hand-held instrument with the full functions of the PHABRIX SxA plus physical layer analysis. The SxE is unique in offering laboratory level testing. Eye and jitter diagrams can be viewed on its 4.3 inch 16:9 colour TFT screen, with optional filter selection for timing and alignment measurements. Cursors and histogram functions allow detailed measurements to be made. The ability of the SxE to produce eye patterns from a 3 gigabits per second signal allows users to test high-end products. SxE jitter tools can be applied from SD-SDI, HD-SDI to 3G-SDI. Released in 2009, the SxE has been installed in facilities worldwide and continues to benefit from PHABRIX’s lifetime support for software upgrades.

PHABRIX Rx2000, RX1000 AND Rx500 rasterizers

Rasterizers in the PHABRIX Rx series are unique in having an in-built OLED display allowing operators to see and select up to 99 presets. Template presets can be built easily on-screen in real time if required under mouse and keyboard control. All instruments are viewed via the HDMI/SDI output to a separate monitor at 1920 x 1080 resolution, providing a multi-viewer of instruments , all simultaneously updated in real- time.

The top of the range Rx2000 has two built-in screens along with HDMI/SDI outputs and is optimized for outside broadcast facilities and engineering bays. Both video screens and instrumentation are available at point of source and in the master control room with simple touch-of-a-button control. Video and audio sources are easily selected using the input button.  Instruments are never more than two button presses from top level to individual parameter control. Tilt-in-bay engineering allows the Rx2000 to be seen at various eye levels. The Rx2000 benefits from an angled slim profile of only 13 cm depth. It can take up to four modules offering 8 simultaneous SDI channels.  Optical input is supported via SFP which can be inserted into the cage built into each module, providing 8 optical channel support if required. The Rx2000 supports 16 channels of embedded audio as standard and comes complete with stereo speakers.  A standard audio jack is provided on the front panel for earphones. A front-mounted USB port is available for data grab and off-line parameter storage.

The Rx1000 is a 19 inch width 1U rasterizer version of the Rx2000. An onboard graphic display allows feedback for engineer or operator input clearly showing a range of presets and instrument operation without need to glance at a remote monitor. Onboard digital control and HDMI/SDI output to external screen at 1920 x 1080 are standard. Available as SD/HD-SDI chassis, the rasterizer can be upgraded to 3G-SDI at any time via a software key.

Boasting the same toolset available throughout the range, the Rx500 is designed for use where space is minimal. Onboard digital control and HDMI/SDI output to external screen at 1920 x 1080 are provided. It is available as an SD/HD-SDI chassis, upgradeable to 3G-SDI with a simple software option.

PHABRIX: Rx500 with monitor


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