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Fullerton, California, September 29, 2015: LEADER Instruments reports a highly successful IBC2015. Held at the RAI center in Amsterdam, September 11-15, the show attracted record attendance.

LEADER showed its flagship LV 5490 4K/HD/SD waveform monitor, the 4K-upgradable LV 5480, the 4K-capable LV 7390 rasterizer, the FS 3102 SDI signal stream analyzer and the FS 3103 MXF media file analyzer.

“Our silver bullet at the IBC2015 show proved to be the CIE color chart display on the LV 5480 and LV 5490,” comments Kevin Salvidge, LEADER’s European Regional Development Manager. “This allows producers to see at a glance whether their high definition feed is within ITU Recommendation 709 or their UHD signals are within the larger color space allowed by Rec 2020.

“A number of European systems integrators expressed interest about including LEADER products in their proposals. They value their independence and don’t like to be seen to be recommending specific products unless these offer customers significant benefits. To be having conversations of this type is greatly encouraging and shows that LEADER now has a suite of products that not only meet but exceed customers’ operational requirements. They also remain well within budget.”

“The 4K-capable LV 7390 also attracted a lot of interest as its 1U chassis integrates very conveniently with four remote camera control panels, links with the camera tally circuit and pulls individual camera names through to the rasterizer output.

“The CINEZONE® and CINELITE® features produced very positive reactions because they allow creatives to get maximum performance from their cameras on an intuitive rather than technical basis. Many visitors to our IBC stand were additionally impressed that LEADER is migrating its expertise into providing quality control support for Sony’s IP Live Production System.”

“IBC also reflected growing interest in 4K UHD among television content producers,” adds Market Development Manager Koichi Fukagawa. “Broadcasters will need a very substantial inventory of UHD content before they have the confidence to upgrade from HD, so the transition is likely to take several years. For this reason, we have introduced the LV 5480 waveform monitor which can be purchased as a 3G/HD/SD model and upgraded to a full 4K instrument whenever customers require UHD facilities.”

LV 5490 4K/HD/SD waveform monitor

The LV 5490 is a highly versatile waveform monitor supporting the full range of standard video production and transmission resolutions from 525 and 625 standard definition up to 3840 x 2160 and 4096 x 2160 4K. It incorporates a high-definition 1920 x 1080 9 inch LCD monitor with a wide viewing angle and high-quality colorimetry. This allows simultaneous analysis of up to four video channels. Its 4K capability is particularly useful to people working with the latest generation cameras, whether for digital cinematography or high-end broadcast applications.

LV5490 Front - with CIE chart on the side

LV 5480 4K-upgradable/HD/SD waveform monitor

The LV 5480 is a multi-format waveform monitor capable of displaying and evaluating signals from up to four 3G-SDI input channels simultaneously. Based on the award-winning LV 5490, the LV 5480 provides the features broadcast cameramen, post-production houses and technical support staff need in today’s HD world. The LV 5480 can be upgraded quickly and easily to the full 4K feature set of the LV 5490, including 4K pattern generator, eye pattern and digital audio card.

LV 7390 four-channel 4K/3G/HD/SD-SDI rasterizer

Launched at NAB in April and now available with optional 4K signal processing, the LV 7390 is a 3G/HD/SD-SDI rasterizer which can be used to measure up to four source channels simultaneously. It occupies just 1U and can be deployed for desktop or rack-mounted operation.

Designed for easy connection into 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI systems, the LV 7390 incorporates full-resolution 3G/HD-SDI and DVI-I rasterized outputs which allow detailed video and audio parameters be checked on a separate monitor in full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution.

The integral CINELITE® feature allows the user to measure the luminance levels at up to three different points in a scene. CINEZONE® uses false colors to indicate luminance levels in a scene and is particularly suited to green screen chroma-key virtual-set alignment.


LV7390 front and back (David K)

FS 3102 stream analyzer and FS 3103 file analyzer

LEADER’s FS3102 software can perform real-time checking of up to four HD-SDI or SD-SDI signal streams. It is designed for use with an SDI to PC plug-in interface board such as the BlackMagic Design DeckLink.

The FS 3103 software package allows MXF audio/video media files to be processed quickly and efficiently. It is capable of analyzing up to four MXF files at one time and reduces the processing time for each file to one fifth of real time. MXF formats supported include Sony XDCAM and Panasonic P2.

A combined system incorporating an FS 3102 and FS 3103 can process up to four files simultaneously in several permutations. Features include automatic analysis of image characteristics such as block noise, line noise, image skip, image freeze, edit point errors, lost source, and sequences likely to cause photosensitive epilepsy. Audio tests include channel noise, timing errors, spurious transients, loudness and lost source.


Leader Instruments Corporation

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