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What Is The 5-Bar Display?

It is necessary to monitor not only Y, PB, Pr but also RGB levels during production.  The reasons are explained under “What Are Gamut Errors?”.

Gamut error detection is essential otherwise production material will most likely not be useable.  In addition to the 5-Bar display, a on-picture gamut error indication facilitates quick determination of gamut levels and helps in eliminating the problem (see What Are Gamut Errors for an example on how the on-picture gamut display can be used to adjust your camera for the optimum take).

On-Picture Gamut Display (Bottom-Right) :  Shows where gamut violation is occurring.  Reducing the camera’s Matrix Gain adjustment (set at MAX) will cause the gamut indication to disappear.  A great way of setting your camera to produce the maximum amount of possible color without violating gamut conditions.