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From upgradeable instruments to 4K-ready, our equipment includes all of the features that you need:

  • Four or eight 3G/HD/SD SDI Input Connectors to analyze up to two 4K signals.
  • CINELITE® (included) allows your creative team to adjust the luminance levels as needed.
  • Digital Audio with Dolby® Capabilities
  • Eye Pattern / Jitter Measurements helps to determine the integrity of the signal
  • 4K/HD Pattern Generator
  • CIE1976/1931 Chromaticity Chart verifies that your shot is within standards, and more
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Leader LV5333 - 3G Waveform Monitor

LV5333 - Portable 3G-SDI WFM Monitor

  • 3G/HD/SD SDI Signals

  • Built-in 6.5″ TFT Screen

  • CINELITE® II included

  • Detects Closed-Captions EIA608 and EIA708

  • Up to 16 channels of Embedded Audio

  • Can be mounted on a tripod or on a camera

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LT8900 - Test Pattern and Sync Generator with GPS

  • 3G/HD/SD SDI Signals

  • (5) Black Burst OUT, (3) SD-SDI Black Burst IN, (2) AES IN

  • Independent Tri-level Sync OUT for 720 & 1080

  • Dual LTC OUT plus VITC & D-VITC

  • GPS Time Reference Available

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HD TAB 9 - Portable Professional HD Analyzer

  • ASI and IPTV Transport Stream

  • TV: 8VSB or ISDB-T


  • SAT: QPSK and 8PSK

  • OPTICAL: Power Meter

  • GPS

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Meet with the Leader Team at the Following Events

These are some of the events or trade shows in which Leader Instruments will be participating in the near future.  Contact us to schedule a meeting with a sales specialist and learn more about our products, including the award winning Leader 4K waveform monitor.

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LEADER's LV5770A selected by CTV for its Mobile Production Units

One of the many LV5770A units with Digital Audio installed in CTV’s Mobile Production Units to be dispatched all over Europe.


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LV5490 is part of Bexel's Services Division

Bexel complements its wide array of equipment for service and support with LEADER’s LV5490 4K Waveform Monitor.

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LEADER's 4K Waveform Monitor at 2G Digital

Mr. Fernando Peter Vazquez, Vice President of Engineering and Technology at 2G Digital, demonstrate the use of the LEADER’s LV5490 in their facilities in Burbank, CA.

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LV538x Series Model Acquired by Suite TV

One of the seven LEADER’s LV538x Series Model in use by Mr. Jim Merrett, Chief Engineer at Suite TV in London, United Kingdom.

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Roundabout Entertainment selects LEADER's LV5490 4K Waveform Monitor

To expand their services in to 4K, Roundabout Entertainment (Hollywood, CA) selects LEADER’s LV5490.

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