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Leader LV5333 - 3G Waveform Monitor


HD-HDR Option  (License Option)

 Compatible with various standards

・HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma)

・PQ (Perceptual Quantization)

・S-Log 3



 Enhanced CINEZONE

 HDR Scale

Leader LV5333 - 3G Waveform Monitor


12G-SDI Option  (Factory Option)

・Supports 12G-SDI (4K,UHD)

・Pattern Scrolling

・Moving BOX

・ID Character Overlay

・Embedded Audio

Leader LV5333 - 3G Waveform Monitor


12G-SDI Input Option  (Factory Option)

12G Eye Pattern and Jitter Measurement Option


This option is an interface card equipped with four 12G-SDI inputs.

The card supports 12G-SDI, 3G-SDI quad link, 3G-SDI dual-link and HD-SDI.

The card also incorporates a reclocked 12G-SDI output.

12G-SDI eye pattern with jitter measurements will also be available as an option.

Leader LV5333 - 3G Waveform Monitor


4K Upgrade Option with HDR monitoring for LV7390

It will allow the LV7390 to process 4K signals for Digital Cinema (4096 x 2160) or Broadcast (3840 x 2160).

With the enhanced layout function, the popular free layout function has further evolved, it has become possible to display the specified channel large or to arrange all display items freely.

LEADER Signs Overseas Product Distribution Agreement With Asaca Shibasoku

LEADER Electronics Corporation announces the signing of an exclusive overseas product distribution agreement with Asaca Corporation. Effective from July 1, 2017

Mobile TV Group Chooses Leader LV5490 for 39 Flex 4K-UHD HDR Production Vehicle

Englewood, Co, USA: Mobile TV Group, one of the United States’ foremost providers of broadcast production services, has purchased a Leader LV5490 4K test instrument for its recently completed 39 Flex 4K production vehicle.




Gavin Struthers ASC Chooses Leader LV5333 3G/HD/SD-SDI Waveform and Picture Monitors

London, UK, December 9, 2016: Gavin Struthers ASC, one of Britain’s leading cinematographers, has invested in two Leader LV5333 multi SDI waveform and picture monitors.



LEADER's LV5770A selected by CTV for its Mobile Production Units

One of the many LV5770A units with Digital Audio installed in CTV’s Mobile Production Units to be dispatched all over Europe.




LV5490 is part of Bexel's Services Division

Bexel complements its wide array of equipment for service and support with LEADER’s LV5490 4K Waveform Monitor.

LEADER's 4K Waveform Monitor at 2G Digital

Mr. Fernando Peter Vazquez, Vice President of Engineering and Technology at 2G Digital, demonstrate the use of the LEADER’s LV5490 in their facilities in Burbank, CA.

Roundabout Entertainment selects LEADER's LV5490 4K Waveform Monitor

To expand their services in to 4K, Roundabout Entertainment (Hollywood, CA) selects LEADER’s LV5490.